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AI image search, self-hosted, and blazing fast.

Fully Integrated

Seamless Fusion of Visual AI & Text Search

Discover the ultimate search synergy with Flow 5 that marries vector-based similarity searches with robust text-based queries and advanced filtering. Highly integrated with a text search database and cutting-edge visual AI models, our fully bundled Flow 5 is primed for immediate deployment.

Powerful toolbox

It's a turnkey solution engineered to enhance search precision and streamline your data retrieval processes, ensuring you're equipped with a powerful toolset ready to tackle the complexities of modern data management.

Data Management

Identify Duplicates

Our AI model recognizes changes in saturation, color, size, and format. Duplicates can be rotated, blurred, cropped, or text-added versions of the original image.

Every pixel counts

De-dupe your collection


Exact and near-duplicates


Why Flow 5

Solve your image-centric tasks with our field-proven software.

Hybrid Search

Harness the power of multi-modal search with vector-based similarity matching and advanced text-based querying for comprehensive and precise search results.

AI-Powered Image Retrieval

Use image search to retrieve similar and relevant content from across your entire data set.

Highly Scalable

Add nodes to your cluster to distribute your workload and replicate your data.

Blazing Fast

Execute approximate searches and manage millions of images efficiently on a single node.

Own Your Data

Flow 5 is a self-hosted solution, ensuring that your data remains within your infrastructure for total control and easier compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR.

Cost Efficient

Flow 5 provides efficient AI models and CPU hardware acceleration for performance-critical operations to provide an alternative to expensive GPU servers.


Flow 5 just seamlessly integrated into NetX and it's widely enhancing our workflow capabilities with regard to visual assets. pixolution is the right choice for us to satisfy our clients needs.

Jason Wehling

President of NetX

Explore & Discover

AI Image Search

Our general purpose AI model is designed to work with any image collection out of the box. Discover relevant image content.

Find identical objects and similar high-level concepts

Show more similar content or display alternatives

Combine with complex filter criteria

Smart Color Palettes

Color emphasis, background detection & dynamic palette size.

Visual Filter

Unlocking precision and simplicity in image curation and design.

copy space detection
Copy Space Detection

Search for images with clear areas to seamlessly insert text or graphics, enhancing design and communication, with the option to filter based on preferred locations for content addition.

isolated content detection
Isolated Object Detection

Searching for images with plain backgrounds yields clean visuals, ideal for product shots and design materials, streamlining cataloging, digital marketing, and content curation.

Big Data ready

Start Small & Scale Up

Whether you only need a single node or a large compute cluster with dozens of nodes. With Flow 5, you can scale.

Handle massive parallel requests with replication, and automatic load balancing. Handle massive data sets with sharding and distributed processing.

Developed for heavy-duty use

Data replication

Add compute capacity as needed

Distribute workload

From standalone Docker to Kubernetes

Developer Friendly

The default response format JSON is great but not expressive when it comes to images. To allow developers to check visual search results without needing a user interface, Flow 5 includes an HTML response writer.

Switch between JSON and HTML

Trigger visual search requests by clicking on an image or colors and use it as search input while preserving your current query parameters. This way you can quickly try different search options and see the effects.

Once you're ready, incorporate the search parameters into your workflow.