Smart Color Palettes

Color emphasis, background detection & dynamic palette size.

Automatic Branding

Enable users to define their brand's color presets by uploading their company logo.

Background Detection

White backgrounds in logos or isolated products are automatically detected and excluded.

Dynamic Palette Size

The palette auto-adjusts and provides up to five colors.

Color Weights

The palette assigns a weight to each color, reflecting its prominence in the image.


Search by Colors

Search for images by color—upload your own, reference from the web, or use hex values directly to find visuals that align with your chosen palette or mood.

Using a variety of input channels

Local image

RGB color code

Image URL

Image ID

Emphasize Colors

Our algorithm is designed to highlight vibrant colors, ensuring that even accent hues stand out in the palette, recognizing that humans are more attuned to color differences than variations in brightness.

Color Names

The color palette strives to pinpoint the precise color in an image, while the associated color names serve as broader categories for a more general or coarse filtering in searches and faceted navigation. This dual approach balances accuracy with user-friendly search functionality.

Blue White Red Green