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Our office, a hub of creativity and technological advancement, is located in the heart of Berlin's vibrant Kreuzberg district, serving an international clientele that stretches from Germany to the US and reaches as far as Singapore.

Our journey began more than 10 years ago, and since then, we have been dedicated to developing, maintaining, and continuously reinventing our product, Flow 5. We perceive the constant acceleration of technological progress and the resulting need for continual self-improvement and increased efficiency as an opportunity rather than a risk.

What we do

We empower companies around the world to benefit from state-of-the-art technology in their daily mission-critical processes. We turn data into actions, ultimately increasing workflow efficiency and productivity.

We specialize in Visual AI, process automation, and the extraction and retrieval of information from unstructured data, building scalable systems that power mission-critical workflows.

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Our Process

Minimize investment risk & move fast.

Initial call

Our initial 30-minute call is designed to get to know you, understand the key issues you're facing, and prepare for the next steps.

AI Concept

In our workshop, we conduct a detailed assessment, focusing on reviewing your existing data and current workflows and challenges. This includes establishing clear goals, a precise roadmap for AI and automation, and an in-depth risk assessment to identify and mitigate potential challenges.

The workshop culminates in an AI concept that concisely outlines key findings, recommendations, and strategic steps, providing a clear, actionable plan for effectively integrating AI and automation into your business operations.


Based on the findings and defined goals of the workshop, we develop a smaller, manageable segment of the larger project, specifically designed to prove the feasibility in your business context. We address the most critical and risky aspects identified during the workshop, ensuring that we tackle the key challenges head-on.

Full-scale implementation

Following the successful completion of the prototype, we move forward with the full-scale implementation of the solution, seamlessly integrating it into your business operations. Our focus is on delivering transformational impact, improving efficiency, and ensuring that the solution is fully aligned with your specific needs and operational objectives.


Over 90% of our clients' challenges are related to automating and optimizing their workflows.

David Backstein

CEO of pixolution

Some of Our Projects

Some of the challenges we have helped our clients overcome.

Image Matching
Image Matching for Increased Shipping Efficiency

Visual AI Automation

Web-to-print service providers, known for handling print orders in high volumes, face a significant challenge in assigning printed motifs to the corresponding customer orders. Traditionally, this process has been manual, time-consuming, and prone to errors, causing inefficiencies in order fulfillment.

To address this, we developed a real-time image matching system that automates the process of matching each printed motif with its respective print order and shipping address. By automating the matching process we significantly reduce the time and labor typically involved in the manual sorting and matching process. As a result, our solution enhances efficiency of order fulfillment, and minimizes the likelihood of errors in high-volume print environments.

Groups of duplicate images
Duplicate Detection across Multiple Collections

Visual AI Search Systems

For an educational publisher with millions of images used in textbooks, we analyzed the entire image collection to identify duplicates. These images are stored in multiple databases with numerous versions of each image, often differing in aspects such as cropping and coloring.

The primary goal of the project was to identify all duplicate images and organize them into groups. This step is critical to establishing a foundation for associating each group of images with their original versions and ensuring consistent rights management.

Automated data curation
Empowering Business Decisions with Automated Data Curation

Visual AI Information Extraction Automation

In this project, we solved the challenge of processing thousands of fashion images originating from a wide range of sources to gain insights on emerging fashion trends. We have trained deep learning models capable of detecting highly specialized attributes within these images. This approach significantly reduces the need for manual labeling, streamlining and automating the data curation process.

With all images consistently categorized and easily discoverable, our client can effectively identify emerging trends in the fashion industry. This capability to swiftly detect patterns and shifts in fashion preferences is critical for making informed business decisions. Extracting relevant information from all images, provides a comprehensive view of the market landscape, allowing our client to stay ahead in a dynamic and fast-paced industry.

AI Chatbot with Real-time Data and Cultural Context

Generative AI Information Extraction Automation

In this project for a theater client, we developed a chatbot with a large language model (LLM) at its core to transform the way audiences interact with the theater. The chatbot has the ability to provide real-time event data. This ensures that theatergoers have instant access to the latest information on show times.

Specialized in cultural context, the chatbot answers domain-specific questions with expertise. Additionally, it tailors recommendations based on user preferences, learning from each interaction to suggest shows that align with individual tastes. To enhance the user experience further, the chatbot features a custom tonality, giving it a personality that reflects the theater's brand and ethos.

The chatbot is integrated with links to the client's webpages, allowing users to effortlessly navigate to the theater's website for more detailed information, online ticket purchases, and additional resources. This seamless integration not only enriches the user experience but also drives engagement and conversions by providing a convenient gateway to the theater's full array of services and offerings.

AI Concept

Practical Steps to Adopting AI Solutions

The result of the workshop is a concept that provides the basis for informed decision-making by your executives for the next steps. It contains:

Executive summary

Clear goals

Roadmap for implementation

Risk & data assessment

Identification of mission-critical aspects

AI Concept

Questions & Answers

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Why not just start with the project?

Creating an AI concept before a full-scale project significantly reduces your initial financial commitment.

The included workshop is also vital for understanding your unique challenges, goals, and operational specifics, reducing the risk of later project misalignments. It's an opportunity to build trust in our expertise and ensures your confidence in us for managing larger project budgets.

In essence, this preliminary phase ensures that any subsequent steps are based on a solid, well-informed foundation, increasing the overall chances of project success and satisfaction.

Why is pixolution a good fit?

Benefit from our experience in developing our AI product Flow 5, which powers mission-critical workflows for our clients in Europe, the USA and Asia.

We are recognized as practitioners who understand the full scope of project requirements and always think end-to-end. Based on your workflows, we consider the optimal deployment and integration of solutions into live operations.

Our iterative approach to building solutions enables rapid movement, real-world validation, and mitigates financial risk. Last but not least, we are team-players and really nice. Wow!

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