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Complete list of Flow 5 major features

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AI Image Search
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Questions & Answers

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What is Flow 5?

Flow 5 is an AI-powered image search engine that combines hybrid search capabilities with fast, scalable searching. Built on Apache Solr, it effectively handles millions of images, providing advanced search options like facets and spatial searches. Ideal for finding relevant images, identifying duplicates, and sourcing similar alternatives in vast datasets. Flow 5 also features scalability, data replication, and collection sharding.

What are the deployment options?

Flow 5 is exclusively deployed on-premise (self-hosted) and offers versatile installation methods. We support direct installation on bare-metal, deployment via Docker image for containerized setups, and Kubernetes integration using Helm for scalable orchestration in larger systems.

How much does Flow 5 cost?

The actual license fee for Flow 5 depends on your specific use case: if you're processing your own dataset (like for a webshop or museum), we apply a fixed monthly license fee. For processing isolated datasets of your customers, as in the case of SaaS providers or DAM vendors, we apply a dynamic license fee that includes a fixed amount for existing customers and increases slowly as your customer base grows. Contact us to get a quote.

How can I ensure Flow 5 solves my challenge?

To determine if Flow 5 meets your needs, you can test all search features using your own data at no cost and without registration. If you're uncertain about whether you require a customized solution, feel free to get in touch with us for further guidance and assistance.

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