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AI Image Search

Flow 5 efficiently handles diverse image collections, identifying identical objects and similar concepts, offering more related content or alternatives, and integrating with complex filters.

Similarity search

Identical Objects & High-Level Concepts

Flow 5 delivers precise results, first aiming to locate identical objects within your dataset. When no exact matches are found, the system seamlessly includes images that, while not identical, share similar themes or embody the high-level concept of the original.

Find Similar Alternatives

This intelligent gradation in search criteria ensures that users are provided with the closest possible alternatives, ensuring that their quest for the right image is successful, be it for matching a specific product or capturing an abstract idea.

This adaptive approach guarantees a rich selection of visuals, catering to both specific object recognition and thematic consistency.

Unlimited Discovery

Advanced Filters

Search by image content in combination with your custom filter criteria.

Hybrid search

Search smarter, not harder. Our multi-modal search lets you combine and weight image and text criteria in a single query for comprehensive results.


Faceted search segments the results of a search query into parameterized categories, allowing users to refine their searches by using the facets as filters to narrow their search results.


Discover the power of place with geo-location search. Target your queries by area or distance for location-specific results.


Filter by tags, keywords and categories. Index entire descriptions or paragraphs next to an image and perform full-text searches.


Integrate Visual Search Into Your UI

Let users manually initiate searches or automatically suggest search results.

Search For Similar Items

Users can discover all items similar to the one displayed in your collection by simply clicking a button.

Suggest Variants & Alternatives

Auto-suggest related variants or alternatives to the showcased image.