Control your data

Identify Duplicates

Flow 5 recognizes changes in saturation, color, size, and format. Duplicates can be rotated, blurred, cropped, or text-added versions of the original image.


When File Hashes are not enough

Use our AI model to analyze image pixels instead of file metadata.

De-dupe existing image collection

Perform a full scan of your complete database to identify all duplicates and take action.

Prevent new duplicates

Check whether new images already exist in your platform before adding them. Keep your database clean and a single source of truth.

Action Policies

Take Action

Implement different actions to manage duplicates depending on your use case.


Prevent users uploading duplicate images by rejecting the upload before indexing.


Associate existing duplicates to each other by automatically linking to the other version.


Merge two duplicate documents into one to have all information stored in one place.


Delete detected duplicates and only retain the original version.

Configure & Control

Adapt duplicate scanning to your needs.

Detection Sensitivity

Fine-tune the detection sensitivity to either pinpoint exact duplicates or also identify near-duplicates. This ensures Flow caters to your specific needs.

Likelihood of Matches

Each potential match comes with a score, denoting the probability of it being an actual duplicate. This score assists in determining the authenticity of the match.

Partial Scanning

Choose to scan select portions of your collection by applying specific filter criteria. This can be based on parameters like upload dates or designated categories, offering flexibility in the scanning process.



How duplicate detection helps various industries.


Finding near-duplicate images can help identify products that are being sold by multiple vendors, making it easier to manage inventory and ensure product authenticity.

Media and Entertainment

Finding near-duplicate images can help identify copyright violations and protect intellectual property rights for content creators.

Real Estate

Identify fraudulent image uploads (fake listings) on the marketplace by matching them with verified users' images, identify duplicate listings for the same home or property if imported from multiple sources.

Digital Asset Management

Prevent multiple uploads of different users or associate different version of an image. Dedupe existing image collections.