Flow 5: Unleashing the Power of Visual Content Management


Packed with an array of exciting features and improvements, Flow 5 brings unprecedented efficiency, accuracy, and user experience to the realm of visual content management. In this blog post, we'll pick some release highlights.

Find any image content

Flow 5 brings an exciting breakthrough to the table with our brand new AI model designed for general-purpose image retrieval. Prepare to be amazed as it effortlessly delivers exceptional retrieval quality and impressive speed, all in one package.

Our trained model excels at general image search, searching identical objects as depicted in the input image. In situations where an exact match may not be available, our model goes the extra mile to retrieve images that share similar high-level concepts.

Detect near-duplicate images

De-duplicate your entire image collection or compare individual images to a pre-defined group of images using our specialized AI model to detect near-duplicate images, even if they have been modified various ways.

From changes in saturation, color, and size to conversions between various image formats, our model remains undeterred. But that's not all - Flow 5 takes it a step further by detecting rotated images, blurred images, cropped images, and even those images with overlaid text.

Additionally, Flow 5 can cope with JPEG compression artifacts and - to a certain extent - partial copies, where fragments of an image are embedded within composite images.

Filter by colors and backgrounds

The new color extraction algorithm in Flow 5 opens up a world of possibilities for new filters based on colors and backgrounds, as well as enhanced similarity searches.

  • Background detection: Find images with isolated objects or a uniform background that are suitable for composing designs and marketing materials.
  • Color palette: Flow 5's color extraction algorithm generates a color palette consisting of up to five dominant colors. Our algorithm prioritizes vibrant colors, ensuring that accent colors are included in the palette, even if they occupy a small portion of the image. For each color in the palette, its proportion in the overall image is stored as well.
  • Color names: The color palette is matched against a predefined list of 12 basic colors to find their associated color names. These color names can be used as keywords for search filters or in the faceted search. Shades and tints of a color are mapped to the same name, allowing for a limited number of color categories suitable for coarse filtering.

Unmatched Performance and Scalability

Acknowledging the need for efficient handling of large-scale datasets, Flow 5 prioritizes performance and scalability. Through various optimizations and an approximated search mode, this release ensures lightning-fast search and retrieval times, regardless of the collection's size. Whether you're dealing with thousands or millions of images, Flow 5's enhanced performance guarantees swift responses, empowering users to manage and analyze visual content at scale.